Module 2: eCult Observatory

The meeting platform for cultural heritage and technology

The eCult Observatory is the on-line tool that provides a meeting space, a market place, a discussion agora, a knowledge hub - you name it. But it will only be seful if it is populated by you, with your content, your discussions, your technologies etc. This modules shows you what you can do - and where you can do it!

JOIN US: All ambassadors, and other stakeholders like technology providers or museums, as well as experts, should register so that they can fully benefit from the platform. Registration allows them to figure in the directory, and gain visibility of their products and services. Museums can showcase their technology implementation or find out which technology provider would suit their needs.

LIBRARY: Check out documents of interest, or watch our videos on YouTube. Meet Tomislav Šola, Goranka Horjan, Hélène Herniou, Aare Renzer, Martin Ritz and many more in mini-interviews about technology and cultural heritage. Or visit the eMuseum Eye, our curated news place on

DIRECTORY: Meet all registered persons/organisations and start networking: currently, there are the following categories: EU projects (short description, and where available, links to results/technologies), technology providers (from EU projects, research institues or SMEs), museums, research, other (for example, public regional institutions), eCult Ambassadors, individuals (a list of all persons listed, e.g. contacts from organisations or museums, experts etc.).

TECH CATALOGUE: The tech catalogue contains technical fact sheets ("Tech solutions"), museums showcases of implemented technologies, and in a specific section, EU project results (that may overlap with technical fact sheets when the technology was developed during a project).  In Module 3, "Identifying and finding", we will go into more details how to use the tech sheets and results.

AMBASSADORS: Well, that's YOUR page - with an overview, links to the toolkit and to the list of Ambassadors already registered.

EVENTS: This is not only a calendar - you find past eCult events with all presentations, a summary of discussions, and a picture gallery. Get a feling for waht we did and what eCult stakeholders presented - visit them! P.S. You find links to them also from the homepage, under "eCult Community".

MY ACCOUNT: When you are registered, you can get from here to your profile that you may want to amend, change or correct. Don't forget: a picture makes your profile more attractive to onlookers! The more information you give, the easier peopel can connect with you and network!

SOCIAL MEDIA: To propagate information to an infinite number of potentially interested people, re-twit our messages, suggest sources for our eMuseumEye, or suggst a video for our YouTube channel. Or simply start a discussion on our LinkedIn group.