Module 3: Identify and Use

Technology fact sheets, museum showcases, EU project success stories: How to use them?  What can you do with the information you get?

The first step is: WHAT IS AVAILABLE?
The eCult Observatory provides you with Tech Solutions (technical fact sheets) of different technologies developed during EU projects or outside. Amongst the technologies currently featuring in the catalogue are: 3D models (e.g. Community presenter, from the 3D-COFORM project), storytelling on mobile apps (e.g. from the TAGCLOUD project), storytelling in museums (CHESS technology in the Acropolis museum), and many more. These solutions will continuously enlarged and improved (e.g. where there is only little information about the tecnology). They will be complemented by Museum Showcases (success stories): This section will display museums or other cultural heritage holders or spaces that successfuly implemented a new technology for the benefit of its collection and the users. If you are especially interested in EU project results, you can browse this section (that is overlapping with tech solutions but lists only those stemming from EU projects).

Once you got an overview on the different technologies available, you want to know HOW TO USE THEM. For this purpose, we created (and continue to create) technology modules that provide you with "if - then"  scenarios, real life examples, contacts and recommendations on what to observe when planning to use this technology. Based on these technology modules, you ma want to match your museum needs with such technologies or draft a technology stratgy (see, for example. the presentation of our expert, Antje Schmidt, on Developing a digital strategy: experiences from the Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe Hamburg ).