DEALOFCULTURE.COM (E-couponing for museums and cultural heritage)


Internet-based discount campaigns have become every-day use for more “digitally evolved” consumers.
In this setting, the usual situations are:

  • group purchases which offer savings on a product or service, depending on the number of people interested in it. Specialised sites make daily offers to users (trips, products, dinners out, personal services, etc.) based on their geographic location, in order to increase the number of customers. If a threshold minimum (set by the store/restaurant) accepts the offer, then it becomes a binding purchase by them;
  • coupons, like those printed in papers and magazines, must be presented at the time of purchase to receive a discount. In fact, there are websites (often of local influence) that allow you to print paper coupons  to be presented in traditional "brick and mortar" stores.

It must be noted that the term “coupon” commonly used today means discount codes and group purchasing offers. In fact, Groupon, the world leader in group purchasing discount offers, takes its name from a blend of group and coupon, indicating its offer of discounts obtained through critical mass purchasing.
Our proposal is for the creation of a web application, designed exclusively for the participation of cultural heritage (museums, archaeological sites, etc.), which allows different managements the publication of coupons, or deals for group purchasing, with percentages off to visit the cultural asset, or to participate in particular initiatives, at extremely favorable prices
Largely discounted entry tickets (50 to 70% off the usual price), naturally must be seen as promotional opportunities (or rather, a publicity campaign at a very low cost per contact), or to help cover running costs during periods of low numbers of visitors.
Some examples of campaigns that could be activated:

  • an exhibition catalogue can be sold at half price for the first week after the opening;
  • 48 hours before a concert, a discount campaign for any tickets left unsold (most of all for the highest price tickets for the best seats)
  • a discount of 70% for those visiting the museum on Monday mornings in January
  • “Bring a friend and get free entry”
  • discounts for families and groups, etc.

Naturally, the usability of the platform on tablets and smart phones is guaranteed, including for all campaigns that are activated based on the user’s geolocation. Furthermore, the initiative is linked to suitable social media marketing activities and to the development of accessory applications, even those devoted to a single cultural site.

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