MTI – Mobile Tourist Information (Augmented reality to support enjoyment of cultural heritage)


Within a specific archaeological or historic-cultural site, via the implementation of multimedia and augmented-reality content, it will be possible to show virtual reconstructions that make it possible for visitors:

  • to see an overlay of the picture of the current situation of the site and a 3D representation of the same view, at a particular defined historic moment;
  • to experience an immersive view inside historic-social situations at the site (such as during events of historic importance, or of normal life, in castles or palaces of European nobility);
  • to watch a show (such as a naval battle in the Coliseum or a bit of a comedy by Aristophanes at Epidaurus theatre) as viewed by an ancient spectator;
  • to hear explanations by a “virtual” tour guide or, even more simply, to read the information about the site they’re visiting, scrolling on a screen.

For example, within an archaeological site, the location of the visitor will be detected by GPS and, through the field of view provided by the mobile device, when he will stop near a special historical find, the multimedia content associated with that find will be shown on the display.
This content can also represent the 3D virtual reconstruction of the object under examination, and the visitors can access it with a smart phone, tablet, or any device the site makes available, such as audio guides.
The overlaid vision of the real and of the virtual can offer the tourist a new experience that enhances the archaeological context. this, together with modern representational technology, increases the user’s knowledge through hypothetical extensions based on historical and scientific study.
This concept involves a new expression of communication oriented at the tourism sector, with such applications which are not only useful for the visitor but also for experts who could take advantage of special scientific investigations.

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