Personal bio: 

- Expert in cluster support for emerging and knowledge intensive industries
- Competencies in strategic regional policy implementation
- Active member of cross boarder startup funds and Biz Angels initiatives
- Manager of European Public-Private fund initiatives

Michela Michilli has more than 14 years of experience in shaping cross-regional development programmes and initiatives in support to cluster based high growth potential companies, start-ups, young entrepreneurs and researchers.
She has actively contributed in managing strategic cooperation programmes in the areas of Aerospace, mobile and mobility, ICT and creative industries and Life science.

Michela is committed in scouting, programming and managing cooperation plans among public and private stakeholders to boost Lazio Region research and industry competitiveness in a world-wide scenario.

She has excellent negotiation skills in lobbying with European Commission DGs in charge of financial support mechanism for R&D and Industrial Leadership. She is actually active Board member of the European Creative Industry Alliance (ECIA) and the European Mobile and Mobility Industry Alliance ( EMMIA), as well as member of the TCI Network for Clusters and Competitiveness And Innovation .

Michela is holding a Master in Business Administration at Université catholique de Louvain in Brussels and a Degree in Economics and Banking at Università di Siena. She got a scholarship for a one year student exchange programme at Balliol College of Oxford University.

Head of International Programs for Regional Development