Personal bio: 

Stephane Bezombes is an engineer, creative technologist and designer, visitor digital experience evangelist for museums and cultural heritage site.

  • 15 years of experience in design of digital projects for museums as senior consultant and creative director.
  • Multimedia strategy, Masterplanning, Digital engagement and interpretation framework, Concept Design, ICT Specifications
  • Design and implementation of interactive experiences for visitors : AV installations, multimedia kiosks, content websites, digital signage and mobile apps
  • Leadership and management teams of significant size internally and externally, starting from the initial concept to full execution
  • In-depth knowledge of museum organizations, and French cultural public policy
  • ICOM Member since 2010

Specialities : Concept Design, Project management, Multimedia and high level production engineering, Cultural industry policy, Digital scenography, Interaction experience, AV production and post-production, marketing and CRM policy, change management, innovation leadership
Chief Creative Officer, Co-Founder