Living Labs: Validation of Technologies for Cultural Heritage

Concept Validation experiments at major European museums

The eCultValue project has launched an Open Call that is an extraordinary opportunity for Living Labs to run experiments for the concept validation at European museums of technologies for cultural heritage.
From cultural storytelling to social communities, from mobile apps for the Cultural Heritage promotion to Augmented Reality and 3D for new possibilities in the evaluation, interpretation and communication of cultural heritage: this Open Call invites European Living Labs to present proposals based on technological products and solutions generated by FP7 projects (CHESS, INSIDDE, meSch, TAG CLOUD) for organizing workshops and promoting co-creation experiments in real-life settings, i.e. at European museums.
The Open Call deadline was 10 September 2014, the evaluation of applications carried out, and workshops and museum activities will be performed in October-November 2014 and the first dissemination activities (with the joint participation of the Living Lab winners and of FP7 CH technology project representatives) will take place on 1 December 2014 in Rome at the ESoCE-Net Forum and on 8/9 December in Athens on the occasion of the eCult Winter Stage.

For more information on the selected LivingLab validation, and subsequently the evaluation results, check out our Living Lab Evaluation page.