eCult Summer Stage - Maribor, Slovenia

The first eCult Summer Stage was successfully held at KIBLA Portal in Maribor, and the Space Museum in Vitanje (Slovenia) during 28/29 May 2014.

Conceived as a 2-days event to familiarise future "eCult Ambassadors" with new technologies that have the potential to revolutionise access to Cultural Heritage, the first day was dedicated to showcases and three hands-on focus workshops (Social media strategy, Mobile storytelling apps, 3D) while the second day showed the hypermodern Space Museum in Vitanje.


The morning presentations:
After an introduction by Dejan Pestotnik and Margaretha Mazura, two showcases were presented:
MESCH project: Marc Boonstra presented the project. meSch is developing a platform to enable curators, artists, designers and cultural heritage professionals to create smart objects  (like a magnifying glass or a replica)  that are enriched with digital technology while intelligent spaces embed sensors: both react to people, spaces and smart objects.
Ars Electronica: Juliane Leitner showed the incredible possibilities of technology. Have a glimpse at:
Dance laser tracking
Deep Space for Families at Papyrates Island
Laser floor game beelzeball
3D models and animation with spaxels lightpainting in the air
Or watch Deep Space live every Thursday evening at 8 pm (summer break 17 July to 4 September)

Afternoon focus workshops:
1. Social Media Strategy presented by Peter Šepetavc (renderspace)
2. Mobile storytelling apps presented by Ilse Rombout (7scenes)
3. 3D Modelling presented by Kaja Antlej (

Visit our eCult Ambassador Kaja Antlej's Summer Stage webpage!

Images (below) and film of the 3D model created during the workshop: the 3D turtle!

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Live record from the Summer Stage (from KIDKIBLA YouTube):
Introduction by Margaretha Mazura, EMF
MeSCH project by Marc Boonstra
Ars Electronica presented by Juliane Leitner
Panel Discussion and views on hands-on workshops

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