Interpret Europe - European Association for Heritage Interpretation

Interpret Europe - European Association for Heritage Interpretation

Who are we?
We are an independent and non-profit association that brings together people from across Europe who are professionally involved in heritage interpretation.

Our membership includes:

  • practitioners on the ground
  • consultants
  • teachers, trainers, researchers
  • organisations that use interpretation as a
  • management tool at heritage sites and museums, and
  • others who want to help further our aims.

Our mission is to foster and further good practice and research in heritage interpretation throughout Europe.

How do we do it?

  • We provide services to organisations and individuals who are interested in developing, supporting and promoting interpretation of natural and cultural heritage.
  • We encourage the exchange of experience and ideas, and collaboration on a Europe-wide basis to raise the profile and impact of professional interpretation in European and international debates.
  • Our work complements the activities of national associations for heritage interpretation in individual countries.
  • We also want to help those who live in countries which have no association for interpretation.
  • We aim to establish common standards for interpretation across Europe.